About Us

Winnie Fashion is more than an idea!


Winnie Fashion is a distinguished brand of ready-to-wear women's clothing in Quebec that is synonymous with elegant modesty and classic design. Out of the genius creativity of Yves Gaudette and his wife Winnie , a company started up with the name Mondial Import Inc. which was incorporated since year 2000. It made a tremendous popularity among modern and dynamic women.


The brand is characterized by styles, cuts, colors and international fabrics, modern and perennial with symmetrical and sharp lines that generate harmonious proportions. With two collections annually of ready-to-wear: Summer - Spring and Autumn-Winter, to serve exclusively female client that likes to stand out in their professional and personal lives.

Creating the perfect piece is not an easy thing and it is a reality that motivates our team every day to meet the desires of our customers. The line of the brand is conceptualized 100% in Quebec and then assembled in Asia. In search of the best cottons and fabrics from around the world to the statistical analysis of seasonal preferences, we strive every day to personalize the experience of Winnie Fashion and offer you exceptional and quality products at a fair price and affordability. 

The focus of the team is to develop human values and to engage in the community. Our company is ethical footprint overflowing with passion, joy of life and human values. We ensure that all our Asian suppliers do not benefit from a workforce of minor age and they offer decent working conditions for their labor. The company partners with several works of charities and foundations: the Charles Bruneau Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Association.


Having made a career for over 20 years in the automotive market in Quebec and 8 years as sales manager at Ford of Canada, Yves Gaudette wanted to start his own business. Curious about other countries and cultures he was interested in the market for Import / Export in Asia. Visited the Philippines, he was immediately attracted to the variety of local arts and design. Over the years he had imported several containers of sculpted art, jewelry and clothing from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and China, which were distributed in stores throughout the Canada.


In 2005, Yves is importing accessories in the Philippines, he met his wife who was Winnie, a designer associated with a fashion accessories company. As production team director, an experienced businesswoman. The talent and creativity of Winnie did not passed unnoticed in the eyes of Yves. This was the beginning of a beautiful dynamic collaboration. It helped him start his own Mondial Export Trading company in Cebu, Philippines. Yves and Winnie form the perfect dynamic torque being business partners and in private life.

For ten years, thousands of earrings, bracelets and necklaces were sold and distributed summers in the Canadian market, in specialized shops and in the best festivals of art and culture.

Designer: Laura Yieng (samples done in Quebec)

With time, the company's vision of change: Yves and Winnie decided to keep the clothing department to invest heavily in the development of their own creations. Winnie Fashion has become a thriving business consists of ten employees and creative and innovative designers.

In 2016 we introduced fair trade and developed our concern for the environment with our 100% organic cotton fabrics, a product much awaited by our customers.

The company proudly welcomes its new President and CEO Mr. Jean Simon Gaudette, son of the founder Mr. Yves Gaudette.
"I want to extend my gratitude to all the people who supported me throughout my journey in the world of fashion. To our dear customers, family, friends, employee, designer and representatives thank you for your support." - Yves Gaudette

Winnie Fashion Inc, one idea!